When you are recovering from an addiction, one of the most important things can be having a support system that understands where you have been, seeing that you are more than your addiction, and freely giving you the trust, empathy, and insight that only those who have been there can provide. This is exactly what we can offer you with our addiction recovery and life coaching.

A recovering addict himself, Rob Eastman struggled with judgment, breaking free, and painful misunderstanding. He was faced with people who thought that his addiction was just a chemical imbalance, and with those who thought it was just in his head, but he was rarely treated as a whole person. When he was, it changed everything.

At Eastman Fitness and Wellness, we offer a very unique approach to addiction recovery and rehabilitation. Because Rob has been there, he offers a program that enhances your body’s ability to heal itself, your mind’s ability to overcome the urges, and your soul’s ability to persevere, to come out on top, and to care about yourself. A certified life coach and personal trainer, he works on making your body healthy while helping you deal with the issues that led to addiction in the first place, curbing the need at its source so you can emerge as a brand new, healthy and thriving individual.

We are passionate about you. We see in you what you can’t see in yourself, and mirror that to show you that the possibilities are endless and you can do so much more. Through Rob’s recovery and his story of success, you will be motivated, dedicated, and this time will be the last time.

It’s time to make the change. At Eastman Fitness an Wellness, you’ll be coached to recovery, enabling you to empower yourself so that you can finally have a lasting freedom. Call today.