Running is unlike any other form of sport, because it focuses entirely on speed, endurance, and technique. It strips everything back down to the basics and allows you to experience exercise at its raw core. That is why your personal trainer for running shouldn’t just be any average coach—it should be a personal running coach that is certified, experienced and understands what needs to be done to improve your run in every area.

Your trainer, Rob Eastman, is not only highly skilled and trained himself, but he is certified as an RRCA running coach, understanding the heart of the sport itself, and knowing every obstacle that runners face personally. He is an ultra marathon runner and is ranked in the world for obstacle racing. Rob Eastman understands the specific struggles that you face as a runner because he has met them and defeated them himself. Whether you are suffering from an injury, can’t seem to improve your times or distance, or you just need that extra push to become the runner that we know you can be, Rob is here by your side to give you all the tools you need to make it happen.

Eastman Fitness and Wellness doesn’t believe in an “I’ll tell you what to do, and you do it” mentality. Instead, we show you what to do, and do it with you. Rob will guide you through every process, work with you on every exercise and be by your side for every run, so that you know you have more than a running coach—you have a running partner.

We’ll race, we’ll do trail runs, and we’ll make sure that you are improving your performance without losing the love for what you do. That’s the Eastman difference.

Contact us today to learn more about our Woods Cross, Utah personal trainer and get a running coach that will change how you see fitness.