When personal training isn’t enough to keep you on top of the game, our personally and uniquely developed sports-specific training programs can provide you with everything you need to rise above the competition and be the athlete you’ve always dreamed of.

Each sport requires something extra from its athletes, something that no other sport can claim. Whether you need to improve your agility, speed, dexterity, strength or endurance of your game, we not only help you achieve that next level, but we help you do it in such a way that you become a better athlete as a whole. Paying attention to not only your body, but also your mind and your soul, we are able to help you increase focus, calmness, and instinctual reactions so that you can make instantaneous decisions in the midst of a game.

In addition to this, we make sure that you don’t lose sight of the basics, strengthening the knowledge that you already have in place so that you don’t lose touch with your passion, your motivation, or what makes you great at what you do.

Because Rob Eastman is both a personal trainer and life coach, located in Woods Cross, Utah, he meets you where you are, inspiring you to be better in every aspect of your life and working with you through the exercises. With Eastman Fitness and Wellness, you are getting so much more than sports-specific training—you are getting a partner, ready to help you achieve your wildest dreams and helping you reach your goals.

Contact us today to learn more about the specific sports we offer, and see how we can help you become a better athlete.