1. Definitely Recommended

    Went in to talk to him about coaching me on an upcoming fight and Rob is awesome!! He took me through a workout (that punished me btw) and after I signed on with his prescribed regimen, he personally took me to a couple of athletic stores where I got discounts on the gear I was going to need for my training/fight... I would recommend Eastman Fitness& Wellness to anyone with the desire to chang…Read More

    Micah Niles
  2. Push Your Limits!

    Rob will always be there for you, and he will push you both physically and mentally. You will hit the road block, and he will always show you how to get past. Takes some pushing by him at first but eventually you know you have the ability to overcome anything.…Read More

    Stephen Hunt
  3. Changed My Life

    Eastman Fitness and Rob has changed my way of life in the best way! Rob has been training me for a while and has pushed me and encouraged me to do things I never thought I could do. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to be one of his lucky clients!! I look forward to each workout because I know he gives me 110% and I give him 110% right back! I love being apart of the Eastman Fitness Fami…Read More

    Angie Olson Wolthuis
  4. True Results!

    he place to be if you want real Gains !!!! Thank you Rob N Christina !!! Knights of Mayhem approved !!!!!…Read More

    Charlie St. Andrews
  5. Amazing Experience

    Some of the best people I know!!! If your looking to change your life for the better, this will be the first step.…Read More

    Brett Herron
  6. Life Changing!

    My experience with Eastman Fitness literally changed my life. That's where my fitness journey began. Robs life coaching skills helped me get through some of the hardest times in my life. He taught me to never give up even if you don't succeed the first time. There is no universal model of how to coach or train someone because everyone is different . This i feel is Eastman Fitness strong point. Mot…Read More

    Kenzie Mecham