Life can be hard. Having a partner to share the load, to teach you and to treat you like a person, to coach you through the difficult times so that you come out on top—that’s what we offer you at Eastman Fitness and Wellness.

A certified life coach with years of experience, Rob Eastman has dedicated his life to helping people. He has been there—through addiction, through self-esteem issues, through the dramatic effects of stress and unhealthy lifestyles—and he understands best what needs to be done in order to make a lasting change. Whether you feel like you are falling apart after a divorce, you struggle with weight issues, you are a victim of bullying, or you understand that it’s time to break free from addiction, Rob is there with a helping hand and a life coaching method that will help you get your head above water and feel empowered about your life.

We see in our clients what they don’t yet see in themselves—the raw potential, the uniqueness, the passion and the beauty in their lives. In this way, we are able to use a program that enriches your life on every level, enhancing your cognition, improving your physical fitness, and providing you with the spirit you need to persevere. Because that’s what we do at Eastman Fitness and Wellness.

We enrich you—mind, body and soul.

When having a personal trainer isn’t enough, Rob runs with you every step of the way (quite literally, too) so that you feel like you have so much more than a life coach—you have a partner.

Stop waiting, contact us today to learn more. The time is now for you to achieve your wildest dreams.