MMA training involves a lot more than your average sport. You need to be focused while acting instinctually, fast yet deliberate, and most importantly, calm but spirited. While they may seem like contradictions, having an MMA trainer that understands the sport at its core can make all the difference in unlocking your next level of performance.

Rob Eastman has been passionate about MMA for years. Dedicated to his own training, he is a fighter-turned-coach who will open your mind and release you from your own insecurities, so you can have a calm mind with a fighter’s spirit. At Eastman Fitness and Wellness, our personal trainers focus on the entire person and on improving the mind, the body and the soul, so you improve your performance on all three levels and become the athlete you’ve always wanted to be.

In your MMA training, you will not only improve the basics, but you will open your mind, restore your spirit, and develop your body on every level. Because Rob is also a certified life coach, he will help you overcome your mental obstacles, which can be detrimental to your MMA performance. He is passionate about seeing you succeed, and will work right along next to you so that you have a coach who is personally invested in your success, who will work on the exercises with you, and who will give you so much more than personal instruction.

It’s time. Improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, peace, and instinctual reactions so that you can become the fighter you never thought you could be. Contact us today and learn more!