Part of our personal training in the Woods Cross area are services as a running coach. You might think that this service is exclusively for serious marathon runners, but it’s not. While we love working with marathoners on their endurance and time, that’s not the only thing a running coach can do for you. Here are three great reasons you should hire Rob Eastman from Eastman Fitness as your running coach today:

  • Help prevent injuries. A great coach can show you how to run with the correct form and technique in order to avoid injuries. They can also help keep you from pushing yourself too hard and suffering from exhaustion or stress related injuries.
  • Keep you motivated. Let’s face it, getting up and running first thing in the morning probably isn’t your idea of a good time. But it is for us! A running coach will keep you motivated–and hold you accountable–for your workouts.
  • Meet your goals. Want to run to lose weight? Have a goal to run a marathon? Want to shave your time down on a 5k? We’ll help you define your goals and then develop a running plan that helps you meet them.

Rob doesn’t just tell you what to do and send you off to do it, either. He’ll run with you during every workout to correct technique in real time as well as keep you motivated. He understands that while you might not love running now, there is a running inside you who can’t wait to get started. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how Rob can become your personal running coach in Woods Cross!